How can india get more olympic medals essay

Jadhav and Leander Paes respectively. Schools should include sports as an integral part of their curriculum.

Olympic losers: Why is India so bad at sport?

This can help children cultivate sportsmanship qualities and also gain experience in the game. India has won just six medals, none of them gold in individual sports.

Subsequently, the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports and its allied centres at Bangalore, Calcutta and Gandhinagar as well as Lakshmibai National Colleges of Physical Education at Gwalior and Thiruvananthapuram were placed under SAI which is presently engaged in a number of schemes to scout and nurture sporting talent through its six regional centres at Bangalore, Calcutta, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Chandigarh and Imphal and two sub-centres at Guwahati and Aurangabad.

There is also a bright and cheery side of the Indian sports. For instance, the government and sports authorities in China have not only planned to successfully host Olympic games in Beijing, but also have designed 'Project ' towards winning gold[s] in the medal rich sports of swimming, track, rowing, kayaking and sailing.

This shows how well Indians have battled in one-dayers in the recent years. Spend it but the Government should place a ceiling limit on the amount of expenditure incurred for a certain sport and also should set a ceiling limit for the salary and remuneration for their filthy rich players and also should tax heavily so that BCCI gives back some portion of the money which they get it from the Public and other MNC sponsors.

The nuances and tricks of the game can only be learnt from a good trainer. Children of all ages should be encouraged to actively participate in sports as it will help in their overall physical and mental development.

India at the Olympics

This clearly shows that without obstacles, India would stand second to none in the Olympic Medal chart. However, that is not the bone of contention here.

The role of the sports bodies is crucial in this regard as it is only they who have to plan, promote, propagate and develop their respective games. Private sponsorers including domestic and multinational companies should be invited to offer sponsorship to sportsmen of other games.

India proposes to host the inaugural edition of the Afro-Asian Games in New Delhi in the first fortnight of November How did they make it.?.

Family participation in sports is not encouraged; hence the young fail to garner any interest in it. Thirdly, all the encouragement, resources and participation would go waste without a proper coach.

It was a beginning in the right direction. Indian Government should take serious and emergency steps in creating more facilities which would encourage sports like Tennis, Swimming, Shooting, Gymnastics, Track events like running, high jump, long jump etc.

How can India get more Olympic Medals. Authorities holding positions in sports organizations, associations and selection committees should be held accountable and punished in the event of any misuse of the allocated funds. Another commendable promotional scheme is that of pension to meritorious sports persons.

Hard Work and Sincere Dedication made this possible for them. Thus, there is an urgent need for a strategy that can help India win more Olympic medals.

India needs to design and implement such goal-oriented projects to clinch more medals in Olympic games.

Perhaps the deficiency lies not so much in our lack of proper facilities but in our attitude. Accounts should be audited to ensure proper appropriation of funds.

Not all get proper education to make our country prosperous is another sad story. Similar treatment is due to be accorded to other sports. Another notable governmental effort was the establishment of the Sports Authority of India SAI in Januarywhich was set up primarily with a view to looking after the vast infrastructure created in Delhi for the Ninth Asiad in The last Olympic hockey gold was won in the boycott-afflicted Moscow Olympiad in This clearly shows that without obstacles, India would stand second to none in the Olympic Medal chart.

However, the fact remains that sports in a democratic country cannot thrive merely with State help. For instance in China, kids starts their training at 5 or 6 years which is why they can produce Gold Medallists at the tender age of 14 or Hard Work and Sincere Dedication made this possible for them.

How did they get to the place as to where they are now.?. Will it all be enough to give India more than three medals this time.

Bhoot Bombay Olympic AssociationA. The tag 'non-athletic nation' can be refuted considering the craze for cricket in India. Officials say that lack of proper facilities is the key reason.

The national hockey team and additional sportspersons were similarly sent to the Games four athletes and one swimmer and four athletes, three wrestlers, one Burmese weight-lifteralong with three officials headed by team manager Sondhi. Even in Mahabharata, the great India epic, a master-archer like Arjuna was trained by his versatile teacher, Dhronacharya.

We lost the identity of being Hockey Playing Nation which had fetched us Gold so far apart from the recent one from Abhinav Bindra. Why? Counting by population, India ranks the last in Olympic medal number, India got only six medals in the Olympics, while none were gold,” said an article on the website The Indian men’s field hockey team won six consecutive Olympic Golds in the midth century (field hockey accounts for more than half of India’s historical total of 20 Olympic medals).

To no great surprise, India measured up relatively poorly in terms of medals won, not only against developed Western countries, but against other developing nations like China and Brazil.

The world's second most populous nation has the worst Olympic record in terms of medals per head. In the past three decades, it has won only one gold medal - for the men's 10m rifle in ONE of the most lavish parties thrown in London this week to mark the start of the Olympic Games was that hosted by the London-based Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal for India's Olympic team.

How can India get more Olympic Medals? India, a country with a population of more than billion and second highest populated country in the world next to China and competing with them in becoming Number 1 which cannot be appreciated at all though it says a company's prosperity is calculated on the basis of workforce group aged between who are more productive but coming to that stage.

How can india get more olympic medals essay
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